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Welcome to Where 2 Get It

A Local Digital Marketing Company


We like local. We like people.
We like doing new things thoughtfully.

We are a full-service digital agency that specializes in design, strategy, & marketing services. Where 2 Get It was founded in 1997 and has since grown into an industry-leading provider of location-based digital marketing solutions powering more than 500 brands. Serving more than 500,000 brick-and-mortar locations, Where 2 Get It has channel strength that reaches millions of consumers around the world. To match the breakneck evolution of the web, Where 2 Get It has developed a strong culture of innovation.

Beginning 18 years ago with store locator software, the Where 2 Get It product line has expanded across mobile, social, search, commerce, and more. Every day, Where 2 Get It strives to understand and implement new technologies that help national brands reach local consumers online and offline. Where 2 Get It has been honored to receive many industry awards, including “Technology Company of the Year”, “Most Innovative Use of SEO”, and “Outstanding Private Company”, and has been recognized as a Minority Business by the SCMBDC.

As a privately owned company, Where 2 Get It puts clients first. Creating and maintaining strong client relationships is the core of our business, and we are proud that our very first client, Seiko, remains a loyal customer today. It is our combination of dedicated customer service and relentless innovation that enables Where 2 Get It to build relationships, embrace new technologies, and develop solutions that drive local commerce at a global scale.

We Are

We are People Oriented.


We believe in providing our client’s with unparallel service.

We are Location Based.


We put our focus on individual locations, serving sorrounding locals.

We are inspired by technoogy and are innovative.

Inspired By Technology

We are powered to innovate, driven by relentless determination to solve the most challenging of problems.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

“Leveraging location technology to transform the way businesses connect to consumers while offering unrivaled personal service.”

Our Vision

“To create a team of innovators, strategists, and leaders across technology and digital marketing whose aim is for the betterment of others and themselves.”

Our Values











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